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Daniel, Wendy and Trey Denton Statesbord , Ga USA
Argentina Dove Hunting Reviews


Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful time ! You were so easy to work with and made us feel very confortable throughout our trip, that was so important to us since this was our first hunt in Argentina. Marcelo, Claudio, and Gino were amazing and we will never forget dinner with you and later Marcelo ( He tells excellent stories !!)

As for the hunting …. How can I describe it when the trip exceeded all of my dreams and hopes? It was the most incredible experience of my Dad’s and my hunting lives and you made that happen! Thank you for working so hard to fit in our time schedule and our needs.

Bjorn Olav Amundsen, Norway
Argentina Dove Hunting Reviews

First time in Argentina for us Norwegians. A beautiful country ! Excellent dove shooting ! Nacho and his staff are very professional and work to please their customers.

We have had a very good time with good shooting, good food and good company . Hope to be back some day !

Ronald Chan, California USA
Argentina Dove Hunting Reviews

Nacho and Veronica,

Thank you for the best time of my life

The hunting was the best !!

The food was the best !!

The company the best !!

If you can’t enjoy yourself at CyC you better check in at your Doc.

Pitts Wilson, Atlanta USA
Argentina Dove Hunting Reviews

Muchas gracias por todo . You and your Family really do an exelent Job with the dove hunting. The palomas were incredible . We shald return hopefully with some friends. Good luck with your company .Hope to see you again soon.

Will Pate, Atlanta , Georgia
Argentina Dove Hunting Reviews

My Dear friend Nacho

It is difficult to put into words the wonderfull experience that I have enjoyed on this visit and hunting adventure.

As we laughed together many times during this week , as we thought about the concerns I had was not only met but grestly exceedet. As you know I have hunted three times a year in Argentina in many places, and with out doubt this is the Finest dove hunting experience on planet earth. There is none any where to compare to the number of birds and the beautiful mountains and Valley that offer the most over challenging shot selection That I have ever enjoyed .

Also there ere plenty of areas that present easy shots for beginners take myselfs.

Thanks for Daniel for the great and wonderfull table lunch and Veronica for the delicious deserts .

I appreciate , the wonderfull accommodations at both of the great hotels, Ischilin and La Paz.

Last but most important thank you Nacho from my heart, for working hard and make sore that every detail was properly taken care of to insure maximum enjoyment by each hunter.

Thank you for receiving me as an unknown client , one week ago , and saying goodbye to a true and close friend !

Gregory S. Zimpel – Chesapeake VA
Argentina Dove Hunting Reviews

Most gracious, Nacho ! Thank you for a wonderful dove hunt and visit to Argentina. You provided excellent help. The food was superior (but too much, I’m 10 pounds heavier). The shooting camps were very good. You are excellent at setting hunters in their best positions. I’m looking forward to coming back again.

Caroline Garrison, Texas USA
Argentina Dove Hunting Reviews

What more can I say except thank you per another fantastic shooting, eating and pleasure trip. We appreciate so many thinks you do , but most especially the way you pull together a team of very personable and pleasant guides and excellent food.

Gino is a wizard and adds so much to our enjoyment.

Keep up your personal touch and ethical approach to doing business; it’s a winning combination , our family( Grand pa through grand kids) and friend truly cherish our time spend here. I should say something about the shooting, of course Excellent job choosing great sites and setting everyone up so well for so much great shooting. Most Excellent !!
Warmest regards, John Garrison and Brookshire party

John Garrison, Texas USA
Argentina Dove Hunting Reviews

Nacho , we all three had an outstanding trip. You and your crew made my first trip to Argentina one of the best trip I have ever been on . The doves shooting was excellent every single day.

The pigeons were fantastic , Mauro did a great Job while you were gone. We can all tell how much you care about the well being of your clients and how you do everyrhing in your control to make sure that everyone has the best time possible.

Everything about your operation from start to finish was amazing. We can assume you we will be back next year with at least eigth people. The stories we can tell after this will make many people want to come down with you as their outfitter. CyC is a wonderfull outfitter due to your dedication.

Thank you so much for providing us with such an amazing experience.

Charlie Smith , Chuck and Jean Poul – Texas

Gerald and Rosemary Corey – Culbertson, Nebraska USA, Nebraska USA
Argentina Dove Hunting Reviews

Today is the 15th day of February, 2006. We have enjoyed five wonderful days of hunting doves with Nacho and his staff. We have had very good hunting, great asados in the field, good companionship, and great weather ! We have had three very special hunts with Nacho, and he has made our experiences very memorable.

Gerald and Rosemary Corey – Culbertson, Nebraska USA

George Swenson – Austin, Texas USA
Argentina Dove Hunting Reviews

Our third trip with CyC and it keeps getting better, lots of birds, great shooting, good accomodations and good food, Nacho did a great job, everything was first class except the horse, he was a little old, but still a great job.

We are looking forward to the next trip.