What gold meant to ancient explorers, this fish means to fishermen. And at Argentina’s Littoral, this legendary river offers it with all its generosity.

El Dorado is the mythical place that turned on the imagination of explores looking for gold. For fishermen, the dorado -the golden color fish- is also the object of their obsessions and desires. At the Argentina Littoral, the Paraná River is the ideal scenario to find it.

Known as the «tiger of the rivers», this fish of great weigh and strength, shall fight until the end with its strong jaw, requiring great concentration and skill from the fishermen. With specimen of more than 20 kilos, the dorado has become a challenge even for the most experienced fisher.

At the low Paraná¡, the high season for dorado fishing is spring; while at the upper Paraná, it is summer (January and February). This river also offers other species like the surubí­, patí­, pacú, manguruyú, ray-finned fish (sábalo), kingfish, catfish and boga.

(Source: www.argentina.travel/en)