Entrance formalities

Passport in force,with or without endorsement, depending on the case. Ask in your Embassy or nearest Consulate. Visitors coming from non neighbor countries do not pay taxes for baggage or new products up to U$S 300 and additional U$S 300 if products were bought in free shops authorized in national territory.
At present, no vaccine or medical tests are required to enter Argentina.

About the Argentine Migrations Department

The Argentine Migrations Department is the enforcement authority of the migration policy and regulation of the Republic of Argentina. This Department is in charge of the admission, granting of entry permits or residence for foreigners, as well as of the control of their entry, stay and exit from the country, and it exercises the police power for foreigners, according to Act N° 22,439.

The Argentine Migrations Department authorizes the places for the entry and exit of persons to and from the Argentine territory, through which, natives and foreigners must comply with the corresponding migration control.

Furthermore, the Argentine Migrations Department keeps records of the migration cards containing all the information of any person who enters or exits the country.

It has jurisdiction over migration changes; provisional, interim, temporary and permanent residence; regularization of migrations situations; entry, exit and stay control.

It exercises the police power for foreigners in the country. It requires foreigners to evidence their migration condition. It carries out inspections on own initiative, at the request of third persons, at commercial, industrial, educational facilities, hospitals, assistance institutions and at such other premises that may infringe the migration law. For this, the Argentine Migrations Department is backed by the Auxiliary Migrations Police.

Entry of weapons  Tourists

a) Individuals who wish to go into the country with firearms must fill out the technical form of temporary authorization for entering or exiting firearms of Argentine Republic in triplicate for its control when entering or exiting the country.
– 1st copy: will be kept by the competent authority who will send it to the National Controlled Materials Agency (ANMaC).
– 2nd copy: will be kept by the tourist.
– 3rd copy: will be kept by the individual and will hand it in when leaving the country.

b) Pay a ar$ 1,500.- rate per weapon and for once.

Argentine authorities
-They will check the techinical form for its control when entering or exiting the country.
-Cetrify the entry of the firearms detailed in the technical form.
-Certify the payment in the technical form.

Other controls
It is possible that local police of argentine provinces make other controls over the firearms introduced to the country. That control is completely free of charge.

National Department of Customs

All visitors arriving in customs territory shall, without exception, complete the Customs Declaration, completing all fields under the forms OM-2087.

Regular Provisions
Articles that CANNOT enter the country:

    • Any kind of goods for commercial or industrial use.
    • Firearms, unless authorized by the National Controlled Materials Agency (ANMaC).
    • Explosives, inflammable articles and narcotics.
    • Prohibited articles for non-economic reasons (public health, safety, etc.).
    • Goods others than luggage.

(Source: www.renar.gov.ar)