Here at C&C Outfitters we believe that GREAT HUNTING AND GREAT MEALS GO HAND-IN-HAND, so your typical hunting day begins around 7AM with a DELICIOUS, HEARTY, American-style breakfast. Bacon, eggs, sausages, various cereals, fresh fruits, bread, pastries, and fruit juices along with coffee and tea will fill you up and get your day started RIGHT. Over breakfast we will discuss the days’ hunting plans so that everyone in your hunting party can have their individual goals and expectations met.

Following breakfast you and your group will be driven in one of my COMFORTABLE air-conditioned off-road vehicles from your lodging to the hunting area. The hunting areas are usually located from 20 to 30 minutes away from where you will be staying. Depending upon the time of year and the type of shots which your party wants, the shooting areas can be anything from beautiful green hills where the birds roost to agricultural fields such as sorghum or sunflowers where they fill up on these high-quality food sources to flyways in-between. When we arrive at the hunting area you and your birdboy will pair up and take your shooting position. While in the field your birdboy is your personal assistant and will do EVERYTHING possible to insure your success and comfort such as opening ice-cold drinks for you, carrying cases of ammunition into the field and opening the boxes for you, setting up a comfortable shooting chair if you desire, and of course, keeping track of and picking up the downed birds for you. Your birdboy will keep an accurate count of cartridges fired and birds hit, and a computer spreadsheet showing the shooting records of you and your party will be available to you at the end of your hunt with us if you so desire.

After shooting all morning you will likely work up quite an appetite, so around noon we will adjourn to a nice shady area near the hunting field for a traditional Argentina barbecue which we call an ” ASADO “. Many of my clients tell me that the asado is one of the most memorable dining experiences which they have ever had. My chef Chicho is likely the most AMAZING “campfire cook” that any of you ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The asado will consist of PREMIUM cuts of world-renowned Argentina beef together with chicken, chorizos (sausages), fresh salads, pasta dishes, and of course, desserts and fresh fruits. Of course, a variety of beverages are served along with your food, including examples of DELICIOUS and SATISFYING Argentina wines. All of the foods are fresh and homemade with care. The asado is served under a canopy of shade trees when available or in an eating tent, on a table with a cloth tablecloth and china dishes and crystal glasses. Many of my hunters tell me that the noontime asado experience ranks right up there with the phenomenal hunting as an UNFORGETTABLE memory of Tucumán.

After your midday asado meal you can either catch a little catnap in a chair or hammock or get right back to the hunting. Depending upon the time of year you will enjoy several more hours of shooting during the afternoon dove hunt. Following the hunt we will enjoy a wonderfully refreshing beverage such as champagne or an ice-cold beer as we watch the sunset over the beautiful pampas before returning to your place of lodging. Your firearms will be field-stripped, thoroughly cleaned and lubricated, and reassembled by a member of my staff following every day of shooting.

Upon arrival back at your lodge you will probably feel like taking a refreshing shower. That accomplished, if you so desire it’s time for a tasty drink or two before dinner. Your dinner will consist of the FINEST and FRESHEST international dishes, again made with the most choice ingredients, and served with any beverage from bottled mineral water from the Andes Mountains to more examples of the truly outstanding wines of Argentina.

After dinner, depending upon your choice of lodging, you will have options available to you such as a nice walk around your country ranch ( “estancia”), a swim in your full-sized pool, a rowboat trip around a lake, or one of the favorites of many of our clients: a soak in the hottub followed by a massage from one of our masseuses and a relaxing steambath. After shooting hundreds of shotgun shells during the day, a massage is sometimes as much a necessity as a luxury.

After a day full of so many INCREDIBLE memory-making experiences, I doubt you will have any problems falling asleep. As your head hits your pillow and you think back on your day and you begin to drift off, just think….. tomorrow you get to do it all over again !!